Is Whirlpool or Haier better for refrigerators?

Choice of refrigerator must depend on your usage, number of people in your family and your cooking preferences. If you are confused between Haier and Whirlpool here is a quick comparison to guide you.

· Offers pocket-friendly options for bachelors and small families with 2-3 members. kenmore 9930

· It offers faster cooling

· It has adjustable refrigerator shelves

· Interior finish is quite basic with wired shelves, door shelves can fit 1 litre bottles, and opaque vegetable box

· They consume lesser energy

· It boasts of Direct cool technology which circulates cool air naturally without any external aid

2. Features of Whirlpool refrigerators

· It boasts of 6th sense technology which senses and automatically adjusts interior temperature of refrigerator and freezer

· Its refrigerator and freezer sections have adjustable shelves and full-width drawers to maximize interior capacity which is relatively large for counter-depth models

· The Whirlpool Refrigerator offers 24.6 cubic feet of interior space more than the average counter-depth model. Its shelves provide up to 25% more space than standard shelves

· Its built-in sensors easily detect rise in temperature and auto-pump extra cool air to restore temperature

· 6th sense can be used to freeze new food items in your freezer at a faster rate. EDR1RXD1 water filter

· Its water dispenser utilizes PUR filtration system to provide clean water for up to 6 months

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