Which is better, tap water or bottled water?

YES tap water is better. I know there some times and places where tap water is unsafe and unavailable. But generally tap water is better. DA29-00003G Water Filters

The cost of Bottled Water is ridiculously high and extremely poor value for money. WF3CB Water Filters The cost is not just the purchase price that you pay but it is also the price we all pay for the plastic and its inherent pollution problems also the pollution of the fuel burnt to transport it vast distances, even shipping when you buy imported brands.

My personal situation. I don’t have access to tap water and I don’t buy bottled water. I harvest rainwater during the tropical wet season and store it for the dry season . Rain is my only source or water, not just drinking but everything including domestic use and vegetable gardening. We do use plastic containers for transporting drinking water when we travel but these are multiple use and safe for human use. Not like the plastics that leach into the water at the risk of poisoning the user. LT700P Water Filters